Roger L. Simon

In Launch Mode - Yes, we're streaming....

Hello, everyone. This site went down several hours today for the first time from too much traffic. It had been linked by Drudge before, but even that did not bring it down. The launch of our new company and all the attendant links did. My thanks to Phpwebhosting for their patience.

I do not have time to blog now, because of last minute preparations for the launch. This is a day when I have been sneered as a “conservative blog kingpin” in New York Magazine, talked blogging with Forbes and Fortune magazines and had the pleasure of having Pellegrino with our keynote speaker for tomorrow – Judith Miller (who was also dissed in the same “thoughtful” New York Magazine article).

Sorry I don’t have a link to that because it’s amusing. (It’s amazing what people get paid to write.)

Meanwhile here is one of Yahoo’s AP top technology stories of the day. More here.

UPDATE: Yes, we will be having streaming audio of the launch event (speeches by boring me and interesting Charles, panels with Podhoretz-Corn-Rosett, etc, Glenn Reynolds and Judith Miller over lunch) starting a few minutes before 10AM Eastern. For the link, go to in the morning.

MORE: Will Judith Miller become a blogger, now that she’s left the NYT? It’s a possibility.