Roger L. Simon

Please to call it "baksheesh"

As a three-time Volvo owner (okay, I was boring… I’ve also owned a Porsche), I was… sort of… pleased to read the following update ib the oil-for-food scandal:

MOSCOW – A scathing report on corruption in the U.N. oil-for-food program for Saddam Hussein’s Iraq drew widespread denials, terse dismissals and protestations of innocence Friday. But there were also pledges to investigate from some of the 2,200 companies cited and countries with citizens named.

Russian officials angrily alleged that documents accusing companies and officials in that country were fake, and the head of the nation’s electricity monopoly called for the report’s writers to be punished. But in a rare partial admission, Sweden’s Volvo AB acknowledged making payments through an agent to Iraqi authorities but said it did not consider that bribery.

Don’t tell the soccer moms.