Roger L. Simon

Chomsky Chump Change

I had a funny reaction to the excerpt from Peter Schweizer’s book published today on Tech Central StationThe Branding of the World’s Top Intellectual: Noam Chomsky. Sure, I agree with Schweizer that Chomsky’s hiding his money from the taxman in a revocable family trust is hugely hyprocritical for someone with the intellectual’s ‘progressive’ views. But what caught me up was the value of his estate – a mere two million. That’s not much for a supposedly successful leftist with international acclaim. Out here in Hollywood, a middling screenwriter has got that much tied up in his house. A real Hollywood leftie star like Barbra Streisand is worth a few hundred million. But of course there’s some justice in that in terms of the market place. Chomsky’s ideas are banal retreads, not even worth the ninety-cents download price he’s charging. Streisand can sing!