Roger L. Simon

Finding an agent on Meet the Press

Watching Meet the Press this morning, I was struck (again!) by the similarity between many politicians and Hollywood agents. In fact, one of today’s key participants Rahm Emanuel’s (D-IL) brother is an agent. Rahm himself has the same trendy hair, well-tended good looks and empty palaver of many modern “artists representatives.” (Russert’s eyes were rolling at the Congressman’s parsed explanation of the differences between the Democrats and Republicans on “Eye-raq.”)

Republican Tom Reynolds didn’t look like anybody’s idea of an agent, but he sure stuttered and changed the subject in his reply to Russert’s recitation of the alleged activities of a bigtime agent in his own party – Tom DeLay. Of course the eclipsed whip is not the modern sort of agent, but of the Old School kind – cigar in mouth, shellacked hair (real or rug – who knows?), bullying manner as he drums studio and star into submission.

I imagine the public is starting to get that we don’t need agents, we need statesmen, in politics. Maybe the blogs can help the political parties catch up with their constituents in this regard. We’ll see.