Roger L. Simon

"Intelligent Design" is a threat to our economy

Go ahead and believe the “intelligent design” theory if you want to – I think it’s claptrap and an insult to theists – but please keep it out of the science classroom. Our social studies and humanities classes are already polluted by enough asinine nonsense from the fuddy-duddy left. We don’t need to have science turned into Bible class (covert or otherwise) from the other side.

I don’t blame the biology teachers in Dover, PA for keeping this pseudo-science out of their classrooms. They’ve got plenty to do getting their high school students prepared for the serious (and worsening) competition of the global economy. (You can bet their peers in Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai aren’t wasting a helluva lot of time on “intelligent design.”)

To be clear. I have no objection to crèches at the mall, the Ten Commandments in court rooms, “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, etc., etc. Although I support separation of church and state, I’m happy to respect everyone’s beliefs and I’m not particularly scared of this country turning into a theocracy. But the science classroom is for science. Students in Dover, Pennsylvania and other rural areas are just as entitled to a real education as those in Los Angeles and New York. In fact the country needs them to have it, especially in science and math. And in the case of public education, it is not in our interest to waste precious taxpayer dollars teaching mythology in biology.