Roger L. Simon

The Sadness of It All

I am one of those who thinks Ariel Sharon did the right thing pulling the settlers out of Gaza. But I had to gulp (although I was hardly shocked) when I saw the pictures and read the reports of the Palestinian torching of synagogues at Netzarim and elsewhere.

Palestinian police stood by helplessly as gunmen raised flags of terrorist groups in the settlements and crowds smashed what was left in the ruins or walked off with doors, window frames, toilets, and scrap metal. Initial plans by Palestinian police to bar the crowds from the settlements for the first few hours quickly disintegrated, illustrating the weakness of the Palestinian security forces and concerns about growing chaos after Israel’s departure.

This is a culture that has been infantilized by its own leaders and by the Eurocrats who had their own twisted need to preserve the illusion of Arafatistan. Where this is going it is as yet too early to tell, but it is unlikely that watching the journey will be pleasant. (via Powerline).