Is Bush reaching out on Supreme Court appointments?

Yes, if we are to believe the Hartford Courant whose report says substantive discussions have taken place with both Connecticut’s Democratic Senators – Christopher Dodd and Joseph Lieberman.


Lieberman said he was pleased with how the White House has handled the process so far.

“The administration has taken very encouraging and constructive steps,” Lieberman said.

Lieberman cited in particular President Bush’s statements that he had ruled out a litmus test for a nominee and that he would not be pressured by interest groups.

This morning the Gang of 14 will hold its first meeting since O’Connor’s announcement, and although no names are expected to come up, the topic could involve the standards for filibustering.

So far, though, Bush’s comments “all sound like what most of us were hoping for,” Lieberman said.

Bush has been reaching out to Democrats all week.

New York Times, your turn…


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