I woke up this morning early to the horrifying news of the “cordinated attack” in London. Will this be the fabric of the rest of our lives? Unfortunately, it may be so. I am flying up to San Jose this morning (Pajamas business). I imagine the lines at security, diminishing in recent months, will be back to the levels of last year.


Apparently Israeli intelligence picked up some kind of warning about attack and notified British moments before.

6:19AM Pacific: AP News Alert

WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. law enforcement official says at least 40 people have been killed in the explosions in London.

The Shape of Days reminds us: We are all Britons today.

Sky News reporting 1000 injured. King’s Cross Tube Station reported to be the most serious incident with many trapped.

Here’s an irony: the price of oil is down this morning. (travel down, etc.)

Another irony (or something): One of the tubes stations attacked was Edgeware Road, home to many Islamic immigrants in London. Does al Qaeda care? Probably not.

Jerk of the day… make that jerk of the year… Jacques Chirac, who only a day or so ago dismissed the English for their food.


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