Special Priviliges for Priviliged Lives

According to the WaPo, reporters Matthew Cooper and Judith Miller are doing some special pleading with the judge regarding their potential incarceration for refusing to discuss their sources in the Valerie Plame Affair.


If jailed, however, Cooper suggested he should be sent to a federal prison camp in Cumberland, in close proximity to Washington, where he lives with his wife, Mandy Grunwald, and their 6-year-old son. Miller proposed a federal women’s prison camp in Danbury, Conn., which her lawyers described as “safe” and “near to Ms. Miller’s 76-year-old husband,” retired book publisher Jason Epstein, in New York City.

Most people found in contempt by a federal court in the District serve their time in the D.C. jail.

I have mixed feelings on the larger issue here–whether reporters (and eventually bloggers) should be compelled to reveal their sources. But I would point out that the NYT recently made a big deal about their relying less on “unnamed sources.” There would seem to be a potential contradiction here. As for Pajamas Media, we will abjure the unnamed source. That will have the side benefit of keeping us out of jail.


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