Roger L. Simon

Is there a place more depressing than Syria?

Well, probably a few, but not many. How much longer do the Syrian people have to live under despotism? For all the horrifying carnage, at least in neighboring Iraq there is hope.

TigerHawk has a post with links on the latest charade by Bashar & Co. who have evidently shown their new-fonud “cooperation” with the WoT by suddenly “rounding up the usual [1200 insurgent] suspects.” As TigerHawk puts it:

The Associated Press, it seems, has written this story upside down. If Syria has, in fact, been able to arrest more than a thousand insurgents in just the last few weeks, why hasn’t it been doing that for the last two years? Syria, in its braggodocio, has implicitly confessed that it has been able to stop insurgents from crossing the border all along, and effectively admitted the charges against it.