Roger L. Simon

Here we ago again...

Now the Los Angeles Times is citing (big surprise) unnamed sources alleging that US servicemen “flushed a Koran in the toilet” at Guantanamo. (Note the use of “in,” not the illogical “down” from the Newsweek report. I guess that’s progress of some sort, although it’s unclear who or what the reporter is quoting here.) Again, these allegations appear based on the reports of “detainees.” Were these reports verified? Were the detainees investigated to make sure this wasn’t the deliberate promulgation of disinformation known to be an Al Qaeda technique? The LAT gives us no hint whether it even inquired into the question. They just popped it all on top of their website in what feels like a rush. (The article is very brief.) Let’s hope the results are not as homicidal as the last go-round.

UPDATE: The government is rejecting the LAT report.