Roger L. Simon

Diary of a Mad Iraqi Housewife (UPDATED)

No, it’s not a remake of that shopworn 1970 Frank Perry movie. [Thankfully!-ed. I’m with you on that one.] It’s something far more interesting – a new blog from Baghdad called “Neurotic Iraqi Wife.” Catherine Johnson, who tipped me to this site, says “this is probably the best news I’ve heard about what is really going on over there.” And… assuming this blog is not some of the most brilliant intelligence work I have ever read… she has a point. According to the blogger, daily life in Baghdad is starting to resemble Brooklyn in its level of violence. Of course, she may be referring to the Old Brooklyn, but all things change… Brooklyn…. Baghdad… even you and I. Don’t miss this blog. It’s fabulous!

MEANWHILE: The demonstration by Shiites loyal to reactionary religious thug Muqtada Sadr seems to have been a bust, although you wouldn’t know it by most media reports, which trumpet “tens of thousands” of demonstrators in their opening paragraph. That usually means ten to twenty thousand, although the Voice of America writes “thousands.” Who knows? In any case, the number isn’t much in Baghdad, a city of five million. The Washington Post finally admits the truth in the 14th (!) paragraph of their coverage:

Sadr had stayed out of the limelight since leading failed uprisings last year in the southern city of Najaf and in Baghdad’s Sadr City neighborhood. But he has stepped up criticism of the United States in recent weeks, mainly by organizing Saturday’s protest, which fell far short of the 1 million people he hoped would assemble.

Talk about burying the lede! Oh, well, we’re all propagandists in the end, n’est-ce pas?

AND: More signs of life in Baghdad. (ht: PeterUK)