Roger L. Simon

Time to Buy a Hybrid?

We all know the argument that hybrid cars are not yet cost-efficient unless you drive a gazillion miles. But every time I read about the rising price of crude (now at $58 and predicted by some to reach $100 relatively soon), I think of the vicious pockets those escalating dollars are going into and want to yell “Not mine, thank you!” (or something a lot stronger than that).

I don’t care if you define yourself as a “liberal” or a “conservative” (I gave up on that yawner some time ago), you shouldn’t want to see the likes of Chavez and the House of Saud and the rest of the petro-scum continue to have leverage on all of us. I think one of the mistakes the administration made in fighting the War on Terror is underestimating the propaganda value alone in getting the public behind energy conservation. Is this area their critics are right.