Roger L. Simon

On the Kofi Table

Wretchard, as usual, has a first-rate critique of Kofi Annan’s proposals for UN reform. Perhaps because I have made it into such a hobby-horse, Wretchard doesn’t emphasize what I consider the over-riding issue — complete economic transparency by the UN. Without dealing with this in a thorough way, Annan is arguing for vastly increased aid by the developed world to the developing nations. Considering the ongoing Oil-for-Food scandal (in which his own son has been implicated with possibly more to come) this is a rather extraordinary act of chutzpah. Before the UN can ask us taxpayers for more money, it must show us absolutely that the cash is not going to end up in the pockets of despots. So far they haven’t done that — and under Kofi I have my doubts that they will.