Roger L. Simon

The Big (Antiwar) Snooze

The “Antiwar Movement” is in pretty drastic decline if we are to believe the figures (and we can assume they’re inflated) given out by the mainstream media today for European demonstrations in opposition to the Iraq War. Some news services, like king fuddy-duddy Reuters, report “tens of thousands” in their lead, but further inspection reveals that London, a city of roughly nine million with millions more in their outlying districts, could muster up a scant ten thousand in Hyde Park. [Maybe it conflicted with the whippet races.-ed.] Similar figures are reported for Rome and Turkey. Pretty pathetic. As we all know, over a million demonstrated in Beirut alone last week in favor of democracy and against Syrian occupation of Lebanon – in a country of three and a half million.

MSNBC quotes one of the antiwar demonstrators this way: “We got the Iraqis into this mess, we need to help them out of it,” said Kit MacLean, 29, waiting near Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner for the start of a planned march to the U.S. Embassy and Trafalgar Square.

I guess Mr. MacLean hasn’t read the latest poll in which the Iraqis themselves say they are now better off by a margin approaching forty percent. But that’s okay. At least Mr. MacLean got some fresh air.