Roger L. Simon

The Jordenaires

I wrote on here some time ago that the statements allegedly made by Eason Jordan to the World Economic Forum were ultimately more dangerous than Dan Rather’s more famous nonsense about the Bush National Guard documents. Jordan’s was the kind of lie that is viral, prone to spread at the slightest provocation. Here’s an example from today’s Arab News, seemingly inspired by Jordan, that reads as if ripped from the pages of Der Sturmer:

The killing of Italian intelligence officer Nicola Calipari by US troops in Iraq is another twist in the diabolical tactics employed by members of the occupation forces in manipulating the veracity of their adventurism in this immoral crusade.

In a series of truth-twisting means that began when their commander in chief assured the world of the presence of weapons of mass destruction prior to the invasion of Iraq, to the calculated shootings and murder of journalists who contradicted Pentagon press releases, the charade continues today and is fed daily to the folks “back home” that all is well.

The title of this screed is “They Shoot Reporters, Don’t They?” (hardeeharhar…. or should I say Lord Haw Haw deeharhar…?) I don’t know if its author believes his propagandistic gibberish or just thinks it’s good for his cause, but the roots of this smear are in Jordan’s calumny. Let’s be glad he’s lost his job. Meanwhile, more facts of the Sgrena case continue to emerge. Whether Calipiri’s death resulted more from American or Italian mistakes has not finally been determined. But it has been patently obvious from the start this was “friendly fire” incident – to everyone but the Jordenaires.

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