The New Iran Strategy

…Well, not so new, since it’s been floated and floated for the last couples of weeks… in which the US would team up with the Europeans to offer economic incentives to Iran in turn for the Iranians agreeing not to see enriched uranium… is now evidently a fait accompli:

As recommended by the European leaders who have been negotiating with Iran, the incentives include possible membership for Iran in the World Trade Organization and the sale of commercial aircraft parts to Tehran.


In exchange for offering incentives, the United States obtained a firm agreement from Britain, France and Germany to refer the matter to the U.N. Security Council for sanctions if Iran does not permanently drop its nuclear program, said the two officials.

The secret negotiations behind this one are sure to have been interesting, but it seems unlikely the Iranians have any intention of giving up their nuclear ambitions. And everyone knows it.

UPDATE: Of course others differ about what is going on here.


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