Roger L. Simon

Since you asked, Mr. Reynolds - My Flat Panel Primer

I can’t believe I’m giving Glenn tech advice, but since he’s partially responsible for my buying a Nikon D-70 (which I love), I will go ahead and butt in.

The first thing you have to do is consider how far from the screen you will be when watching. If it’s over eight feet or so, you might think about EDTV instead HDTV. The difference is almost indistinguishable at that distance and the price is better. Sheryl and I were able to buy the highly-rated 42″ inch Panasonic EDTV for only a tiny bit more than the larger of the two models Glenn linked. But we wanted the bigger screen to view movies. LCD vs. plasma was also not such a distinction at distance. We also went for the simple (and more elegant) monitor, because a full-fledged TV wastes space on extra speakers and you don’t need its tuner, which is normally in your cable or satellite box. And you will undoubtedly want to run your audio through a home theatre setup anyway. Why go to such lengths for good picture without great sound? Toward that end we have found this Sony with five small wall-mounted speakers plus a rather impressive base to be more than adequate for a bedroom. As for hanging or mounting, Peerless is a company with more kinds of brackets than you can imagine. We hang our monitor from the ceiling. But the coolest thing I bought is this web-programmable remote. It really works!

Of course all this advice is already outdated. We did this two months ago!

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