Roger L. Simon

Uh-oh... Terrorism in Tel Aviv

A suicide bomber has struck on a Tel Aviv promenade. Toll so far… 24 wounded, some dead. This is the first test of the tentative ceasefire. It will be interesting to see what Abbas does. How does he react to the psychotic slaughterers who are behind this?

Debka is reporting 3 dead with 30 injured, 15 seriously. This was indeed a bloody attack. They also a report a “string” of Palestinian suicide attacks aborted.

It will also be interesting to see how the Europeans deal with this — they who condemn the Israelis for building a security fence but themselves built the camps.

UPDATE: Haaretz has raised the number of wounded to 38 with the death toll as yet unspecified. Islamic Jihad has claimed credit.

MORE: Interestingly, Al Bawaba gives a straight forward report without reference to the usual rehtoric defending the “Palestinian cause.”

MEANWHILE: According to Haaretz, Al Aqsa is blaming Hezbollah. If that prove true, that means more trouble for the Syrians. The WaPo, of course, using reactionary rhetoric, still calls these groups “militants,” not fascists or theocratic fascists, which they are. (Oops, that’s Reuters report–no surprise at the language. My bad.)