Roger L. Simon

After years of struggle in books, in movies and in the blogosphere...

I finally feel as if I have the arrived. And my wife… she will be the impressed… I have been linked… no, cited for the sartorial excellence itself by… The Manolo.

(The fedora, btw, is a Borsalino Traveler. I have one each in brown and dark grey for different occasions, as I am sure The Manolo himself would deem advisable.)

UPDATE… or should I say Hat Tip?: As Glenn notes, Amazon, although good for almost anything else, is no place to buy a hat online. This is a risky endeavor anyway (The Manolo would no doubt the disapprove, although he sells more the shoes online than the anyone — oh, shut up. -ed.) but the place to look is Miller Hats. I’m eyeing one of those Borsalino Straws for Spring.

MORE: Of course now I’m feeling slighted that I wasn’t invited.

DEPT. OF HAT-UPSMANSHIP: Michael Ledeen has emailed he owns “a custom-made Italian fedora, made by Fellini’s hatter, Remo Argenti.” How can you top that?