Roger L. Simon

My View of the SOTU - I Cried

As anyone who pays the slightest attention to this blog knows, I am a supporter of gay marriage, so I groaned when Bush brought up “that amendment” again. But otherwise, I have to say the speech was great, especially the ending. The vision of those two women embracing each other — Mrs. Norwood (the mother of the Marine killed in Fallujah) and the Iraqi woman whose father was murdered by Saddam is something that I will never forget. I started sobbing. It made me proud to be an American and to have stood on the right side of history. Like him or not, George Bush has done something never before done in human history by anyone I can think of — bring democracy to a faraway country that didn’t have it by force of his own will (because there’s no way this would have happened had he not been elected). No one, not even Roosevelt, can say as much.