Roger L. Simon

Dept. of Huh?

No wonder there’s so much bogus polarization in our society. Newsweek–as we know one of our major newsweeklies and still (at least in the short run) an important opinion maker–writes the following of Clinton and Bush:

For two men at opposite ends of the political spectrum, the relationship between the 43rd and 42nd presidents has grown surprisingly warm and personal over the last six months.

Opposite ends of the political spectrum? By whose measure? Clinton is the father of welfare reform and, as Glenn notes, supports the war on terror and in Iraq (same thing). Yes, they have some differences, but “opposite ends”? Please. Clinton has more in common with Bush than he does with Kerry ultimately, if you look closely at what they’re saying and take the team sports aspect out of it. What Newsweek is doing in its shallow thinking is encouraging that team sports thinking. But then Newsweek is the most traditional of organs, lumbering on like the wooly mammoth, which it will soon follow into extinction unless it metamorphoses into some web-based meganews outlet. Weekly? Something quaint in that. (“Remember, ma, when they used to have newsweeklies. I saw one at the dentist the other day.”)