Roger L. Simon

Anchormen Should Be Extinct

The whole Rather brouhaha underlines the obvious truth what useless behemoths Anchormen are in the modern world. Could anyone explain why these windbags are needed, why anyone should “anchor” the news for us, why when there is trouble in the world we should pay the slightest attention to some blow-dried narcissist in a safari jacket who is jetted (undoubtedly first class) into an area where he has often never been and rarely knows much about?

I had to laugh when I read the latest gossip on Drudge: CBSNEWS veteran Don Hewitt called Dan Rather’s disappearance from Monday’s Evening News ‘really stupid’ during a damage control meeting on Monday, sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT, just as CBSNEWS executives and employees of all ranks wait for network president Les Moonves to name a successor to the embattled anchorman…

Who cares? Dan Rather’s there… He’s not… I have a suggestion for Moonves if he wants to beat the curve (which any smart network executive should). How about NO ONE for a successor? It’s going to be that way soon enough… WoolyMammoth.jpg

UPDATE: Some people have asked me if I consider Brit Hume an anchorman. Not really. He’s too witty. He’s more of a moderator. That’s fine. I feel the same way about Anderson Cooper.