Roger L. Simon

OJ Returns!

Reading Power Line’s decimation this morning (yet another) of the Corey Pein piece on Memogate, I had the distinct impression I had seen this all (Pein’s line of “reasoning”) before. And then I realized – the OJ Defense! Who cares about all this DNA evidence? It can’t be true! This is Dan Rather… excuse me, The Juice… you’re talking about! Of course, that defense was just a pseudo-scientific variant of the old plea of the adulterous husband when caught en flagrante: “Who’re you going to believe – me or your lying eyes?” And of course, the “real murderer” of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman has not been found, not even in the “world of Faye Resnick.”

And – third of course – Johnny Cochran et al did a far better job of this kind of shoe-banging than pathetic young Pein and it would not be worth another comment had it not appeared in the Columbia Journalism Review. It almost boggles the mind that the house organ of America’s leading journalism school would publish such a thing – unless they were practicing auto-da-fé. [Maybe they were.-ed.]