Roger L. Simon

It's Only Rock and Roll...

… Well, not only – it’s also Frank Gehry, not a bad combo. I’m talking about the oddly named Experience Music Project (actually a rock and roll museum), which is housed along with the Science Fiction Museum in this Gehry building we visited in Seattle today. I think I like it better than his Disney Hall in LA. Maybe it’s all that color against the grey.





Tow.jpgWe didn’t go up top of the Space Needle (reflected here in the museum). Who wants to spend thirty bucks to see fog, especially when you can use it for food? Lunch was excellent at Saito, a Japanese place in Belltown. I had a sukiyaki, which I rarely eat in balmy LA… but it’s cooooold here! The sukiyaki was made with rib eye and had a rich beefy taste.

Here’s Madeleine aboard our ferry yesterday headed for Vashon Island just off Seattle. It’s a gorgeous woodsy place that seems hours away, but is only twenty-five minutes by ferry.


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