The Washington Blood Sport Continues

A UPI report from Richard Sale is starting to make the FBI probe of AIPAC sound like the exposure of a full-fledged Israeli spy ring in Washington.(hat tip: M. Simon)


Although (perhaps because) Mr. Sale is UPI’s “intelligence correspondent” I am highly skeptical of this article. Remember this all began with the supposed “leak” of internal US government documents concerning Iran that were tantamount to opeds or something I could have written on here, indeed have. This smacks of being a kind of Revenge of the Arabists. There may even be entrapment involved. We shall see. I am in the process of tracking this down with sources in DC and will have more to say on the matter in a day or two.

On the other side of the ledger, I know it’s a couple of weeks late, but I just saw this article from the fabulous Julie Burchill at the Timesonline. Read it, if you haven’t.


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