Roger L. Simon

Fearless Iraq Election Prediction

I was criticized on many blogs almost precisely a year ago for invoking Orwell and calling opponents of the Iraq War objectively pro-fascist. Okay, I was in an ornery mood (I did backpedal somewhat), but I think events – particularly the Oil-for-Food scandal – have borne me out. Those opposing this war have benefited (and benefited from) the fascist side, religious and secular (assuming there’s difference).

This profiteering and hypocrisy is likely to continue, so I make this prediction for the coming Iraqi election: No matter how many Iraqis vote — no matter what percentage of their population (50, 60, 95…)– it will be declared insufficient by a large portion of the MSM and the war’s opponents at home and abroad who will declare the election a failure. That will be their next argument. Be ready for that.