Roger L. Simon

Which Side Are You On - Part 934

Jonah Goldberg has an intriguing new article (hat tip: Catherine) on who or what is conservative… and in what sense. This subject has been oft discussed on this blog. I have been calling certain liberals the “new reactionaries” and not getting, shall we say, much positive feedback for it… from them anyway. Of course, I was being a deliberate provocateur, but I would point out that people who chose one viewpoint as much as forty years ago because it was “cutting edge” might want to take a look at their premises after all this time. History has a habit of moving on.

On the other hand, this guy might want to think about sprucing up his image too.

UPDATE: Dept. of Oops…. the article is NOT NEW. Oh, well, blame it on jetlag. [Good try. -ed. How about poor eyes? Didn’t you just get a new perscription? Okay, stupdity. Now you’re talking.]