Roger L. Simon

Inflation Strikes!

UNSCUM inflation, that is. Previous reports estimating skimming by Saddam and his United Nations Oil-for-Food cohorts at 10 billion dollars were off by a measly 11.3 billion bucks, according to a probe by the Senate Committee on Government Affairs. It’s now 21.3 billion (more than double the original estimate) and could go higher, making the Oil-for-Food Scandal the greatest heist in world history by far. Kofi & his cronies should be proud. They’ve earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records. [You’re not trying to tell me the UN is worse than Halliburton?-ed. Nah. Don’t worry.]

But maybe it’s time to think about moving the location of the United Nations, while still keeping it in New York State, from its tony Manhattan Turtle Bay address to more historically appropriate digs in Ossining.