Roger L. Simon

Now that Arafat is AT LAST fading from view.... (faster, please)

… time to consider Israel as a tourist destination again. Julie Burchill, longtime political friend of the Jewish state, just sampled it as a vacation spot and came back raving in this London Timesonline report. I’ve been several times myself, for business and pleasure, but I’m ready to go back with my family. (via Allison)

Having just read Debka’s latest installment in the Arafat saga referred to in the comments, I am speechless regarding the latest perfidy of Jacques Chirac. If this is even partly true, he must hate America to such a degree he is completely out of control. I am busy here in NY with no time to check the French press, but I would be interested in the reports of Francophone readers on how Le Monde, etc. are covering the inreasingly bizarre events in Paris. I’m sure will all would.