First that I have seen from NRO’s The Corner. First Ohio exit polls show Bush up 49-41. Can this be true? Will DennisthePeasant be exonerated?

OOPS: NRO is now reporting Kerry up 4 in Ohio from multiple sources. Quick change.


HERE THEY COME: From Drudge – Election 2004 has been rocked with first wave of exit polls which show Kerry competitive in key states, campaign and media sources tell DRUDGE…. National Election Pool — representing six major news organization — shows Kerry in striking distance — with small lead — in Florida and Ohio.. MORE…
Sounds like a long night.

1:40P – OKAY, I’m back (away to deal with a family matter). I have seen all the exit polls… and the explanations for the exit polls… and I have learned… zilch!… What I am afraid of – and it doesn’t look unlikely – another squeaker like 2000 with no definitive result. Yuck.


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