Roger L. Simon

Election Day Blog Strategy

Unless someone has a better idea… and I couldn’t be more flexible, I assure you… I plan to operate this blog in two installments tomorrow. First, circa seven a. m. PT – or whenever I stagger up to my office in my (what else?) pajamas – I will start a subject post under the title VOTING. This way all of us can record our experiences at the polling places, which might be more interesting than usual, I’m afraid to say. Then, at some point later in the day to be determined by a diviner at Stonehenge or by exit polls on Drudge, whichever comes first, I will switch to the subject title RETURNS and we can all pitch in with that. Wednesday we will begin again with the subject heading LITIGATION (just kidding, I hope).

This all assumes that there will no intervening news of (holds breath) a larger nature.

MEANWHILE: Speaking of litigated elections… it couldn’t ever get this bad here, could it?