Roger L. Simon

Question Time

Reading the unsurprising (to me at least) report in today’s NYT that George Bush may actually have a higher IQ than John Kerry made me think of one of my favorite television shows – “Question Time” from the House of Commons on CSPAN. [My, aren’t we full of ourselves today?-ed. C’mon. It’s fun.] Can you imagine what it would be like for Bush or Kerry to submit to the rigorous questioning from back benchers Tony Blair has to undergo? At least with Bush, after a fair amount of fumbling and stammering, we’d get a relatively straight answer. From Kerry we’d get incomprehensible gibberish. I think part of the reason he is so often accused of flip-flopping or nuance is that he is really not all that bright. Of course compared to Blair both of these men are hopelessly inarticulate and probably not nearly as intelligent. When Blair speaks it’s quite obvious what he is trying to say. “Complex” thoughts are not necessarily the hallmark of the advanced mind.