Roger L. Simon

Only Nineteen Days 'til Drudgeness

I don’t know who is going to win the election, but I’ll wager the already stratospheric hit count on the Drudge Report will be skyrocketing between here and election day. Every political junkie on the planet will be checking in on a regular basis to track the last-minute madness sure to come.

Today’s news that some Kerry operatives plan on launching a “preemptive strike,” charging the other side with voter intimidation even when it doesn’t exist, is scarcely amazing. [Where do they think they are? Afghanistan?-ed.] But it is indicative of a larger mindset. Not surprisingly, now that I’ve gotten into the blogging game and a few people read this site, I’ve begun to meet more of the genus operativus politicus. They have their own cynical slang and refer to the two parties as “the dumb party” (repubs) and “the evil party” (dems). Amazingly, I have heard this shorthand from both sides. Of course, it’s ridiculous, but still the minute I heard this it ratifed my instinct to stay independent, just to be on the safe side. Who wants to be part of either those?

Thinking back on the debate last night though, I would have to call it “the blundering party” versus “the entitlement party.” I don’t think very many Democrats think of themselves as evil. In fact, they think of themselves as good (very good indeed!). They support the poor. They support gay rights. They have “Integrity! Integrity! Integrity!