Roger L. Simon

You Can't Go Home Again... But You Damn Well Better

I was simultaneously moved and enraged by this brilliant article by Carol Gould. Don’t miss it. (via Charles)

UPDATE: I would like to note that some are saying Ms. Gould’s narrative is exaggerated. I have no first hand knowledge, obviously. If she happens to read this, I would invite her to respond here or to direct us elsewhere for substantiation. Although antisemitism has been a devasting blot on the European character since the medieval days of the “Blood Libel,” since these accusations are contemporary, and occurred in my beloved London, I found them particularly blood-curdling (no pun intended). And given their incendiary nature, I think the events need some more foot-noting… for good or ill.

BUT… to put it all in a larger context, Barcepundit reports the new Spanish government invited a veteran of Hitler’s Wehrmacht to Spain’s national day celebration. As you will recall, that’s the same event from which US troops were disinvited.

MEANWHILE: The Anchoress thinks it’s transference. Could be. But it’s going on for a while.

PUDATE: The Mudville Gazette has a family view.