Roger L. Simon

It Ain't Over 'Til the Fat Lady Sings

Many have written lately that Intifada II is over. Sharon’s strategy – the security fence cum severe retaliation against terrorists – does seem to be working (and it’s obvious the Pentagon has taken note), but it will be a long time before anyone can really say “Mission Accomplished!” Today’s rocket attack by Palestinian psychotics, evil-doers, etc., (fill in the blanks) is a case in point. [What? No “insurgents”?-ed.] Firing from inside Gaza, they apparently scored a direct hit on a school yard. Good job, guys. How to strike a blow for a Palestinian State!

A Kassam rocket hit a path between two houses in the southern town of Sderot Wednesday afternoon killing two children, aged four and five.

Still, apparently some Palestinians are seeing the light. Let’s hope for more.