Roger L. Simon

Another Disturbing Article - And the French Are Involved (Again)

I had not realized that the French had been selling submarines to the Pakistanis that were capable of carrying sixteen cruise missile. But this article in TruthNews says they have. (Caveat: I have no previous familiarity with this site.) Their Rachel Neuwirth writes:

Americans need to be asking tough questions of our government right now and demanding straight answers. What in the world is France doing selling these stealth submarines to Pakistan? Why does Pakistan need such a dangerous weapons system when it makes no sense regarding any threat from India? Why is the U.S. government allowing this potential threat to develop?

Now we have heard that the US secretly holds the keys to the Pakistani nuclear arsenal. Perhaps that is true. But even without nukes, cruise missiles on subs can wreak havoc anywhere in the world. Knocking out the WTC didn’t take nuclear weapons, nor would demolishing just about any other edifice, bridge, tunnel, etc. one could think of. We all know the results. I’m tired of bashing the French (really!), but what’s going on here? The link above takes you on an interesting journey in answer to that question. (hat tip: Janet Levy)