Roger L. Simon

This Year in Jerusalem

mount.jpgAccording to Egyptian engineeers, the most hotly-contested piece of real estate on the planet – known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Moslems as the al-Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) – is in danger of collapsing. [Good thing Madonna’s not at the Wall anymore.-ed. Yeah, phew!]

But, seriously folks, this is no joke:

Israel’s Antiquities Authority said the mosque foundations in the galleries known as Solomon’s Stables had become unstable from a combination of neglect, shoddy construction work and a recent earthquake.

Fissures had formed in the roof – where Muslims also pray – and the eastern wall of the underground cavern, according to the Authority. Israeli media said the findings were based on a recent on-site examination by Egyptian engineers.

Without curbs on admission to Solomon’s Stables when an expected 200,000 Muslims crowd into the compound once the holy month of Ramadan begins in mid-October, the eastern wall and roof risk collapse, Israeli officials said.