Roger L. Simon

Polls High and Polls Low

By now most of the savvy readers of this site know that yet another round of Presidential polls has been released, which still have Bush ahead, although by varying margins. I have no idea how accurate any of them are, so I will offer no opinion, but… in the time-honored tradition of “all politics is local”… I was amused by the following pull from the new ABC-WaPo Poll:

The poll was conducted by telephone Sept. 23 to 26 among 1,204 randomly selected adults nationwide, including 969 self-identified registered voters. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points.

Only 1204 in three or four days? In the less than twenty-four hours the site survey at the top of the page has been going on, we already have well over 3000 responses! Maybe I should have thrown in a question on the Presidency, but given the tenor of the answers I’ve seen so far, I have a strong suspicion the incumbent would do pretty well (like an unprecedented landslide). I will publish the results when we’re done, probably over the weekend.