Roger L. Simon

Which Side Are You On - Part 706

Look, let’s start with a little honesty. Ayad Allawi is no saint. Totalitarian societies don’t normally breed saints. Survival is Hell. Allawi was once a Baathist and doesn’t bear too many resemblances to Mother Teresa. But, it’s worth noting, as some will recall, Mother Teresa may not have been a Mother Teresa either.

Nevertheless The New York Times editorial this morning does its best to debunk the interim Prime Minister at all costs. My God, he’s even committed the “sin” of reinstituting “capital punishment” in a society where civilians are being beheaded right and left. He must be a real thug.

Okay, here’s my second bit of honesty. That NYT editorial is appalling. I almost never use profanity on here but whoever wrote that (Gail Collins?) could give less of a shit about the Iraqi people. All he/she cares about is the defeat of George Bush. It is a perfect example of what Victor Davis Hanson wrote about in the article linked below.

UPDATE: Of course we now have a new Mother Teresa.