Roger L. Simon

9/11 - Enough Lying!

It is now three years since the most horrific internal attack in our nation’s history. The event was not only the temporary culmination of similar, but somewhat lesser, actions on our soil and abroad, it was a harbinger of many almost equally barbaric acts to come, a considerable number of which have occurred in the last few weeks.

There is no end in sight. At this moment it seems as if our children and grandchildren may be facing this as well.

But clearly in the midst of this some of us are willing to tell and accept the worst forms of mass lying , forgeries and so forth, for their political ends. I was going to name names but somehow it seems to dishonor the memory of those who died at the World Trade Center. Some of those people who are telling these lies, or overlooking them, do so because they think they are the holders of a “greater truth.” This is so absurd under present circumstances that it is almost laughable. Only it’s not. I am not a religious man, but there is no question in my mind that this lying of political convenience is deeply reprehensible on the most basic moral level. I call on those people on this anniversary to reconsider, tell the truth and move on together. We owe it to those same children and grandchildren.