Roger L. Simon

This Cannot Stand!

Dan Rather and CBS must suffer extreme consequences for continuing to stonewall the American public on the putative Bush memos. Because for decades CBS has had one of the most important licenses in American broadcasting, they have special responsibility to the people of this nation. The puerile defense offered by Dan Rather this evening on the CBS News (transcripts here) is an insult to the citizens of this country and potential liability to the two-party system as we know it. The extraordinary personal selfishness of Rather at a time national crisis is beyond comprehension. If this continues much longer, Viacom better consider dumping CBS fast.

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Also, those who are still wondering about my defintion of the “New Reactionaries,” think Juan Williams when he says, as he did on the Brit Hume Show this evening, that it doesn’t matter if these memos are forgeries, only if their substance is true.

UPDATE: I was interested Eugene Volokh’s (via Glenn) roundup of the legal implications of all this, but slightly sad they weren’t more ominous. Because when you think of what Rather could have done, uncriticized by bloggers (working, unlike him, virtually for nothing), it’s blood curdling.

UPDATE: Wretchard’s view. [He’s right, isn’t he, as usual?-ed. Yup, but we’re not letting up. And neither is he.]