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... And I thought it was Michael Ledeen...

…I’m talking about the forgery of the Niger uranium documents that caused such a flap last year… Of course, I knew it wasn’t my friend Michael, although his enemies tried their tawdry best to pin it on him. I guess they’ve given up on that, but lately it has been the Italian intelligence service, “slavishly” at the behest of us “evil” ‘murricans, that was supposedly the culprit. Now, however, it appears that the Italians are not taking this calumny lying down. Accoring to the Daily Telegraph, Italy blames France for Niger uranium claim.


Who’d a thunk it? The French couldn’t have a motive for crafting those “papers” which were so obviously forged, could they? Here’s the Telegraph:

They say that France’s intelligence services used an Italian-born middle-man to circulate a mixture of genuine and bogus documents to “trap” the two leading proponents of war with Saddam [the US and UK] into making unsupportable claims.

They have passed to The Sunday Telegraph a photograph which they claim shows the Italian go-between, sometimes known as “Giacomo” – who cannot be identified for legal reasons – meeting a senior French intelligence officer based in Brussels. “The French hoped that the bulk of the documents would be exposed as false, since many of them obviously were,” an Italian official said.

“Their aim was to make the allies look ridiculous in order to undermine their case for war.”


According to an account given to The Sunday Telegraph, France was driven by “a cold desire to protect their privileged, dominant trading relationship with Saddam, which in the case of war would have been at risk”.

(via Barcepundit)

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