Roger L. Simon

The Kerry Shake-Up

Kaus is skeptical that Joe Lockhart can help the faltering Kerry Campaign. So am I. I’m skeptical anyone can help Kerry now (short of force majeure in the economy or Iraq). In fact, his campaign must be in deeper trouble than I thought because a shake-up at this time is a tremendous admission of weakness. The reason, no matter what anyone says, is the Swifties. Despite whatever cover the media is giving, they are winning because they have the (majority) of the facts on their side. And their attack has not really gone away. Other events may push them off the front page, but the damage is done. No one is looking at Kerry the same way anymore. And they shouldn’t.

Part of the reason I am looking at Bush with more suspicion than some of the other bloggers here at that convention is that I am beginning to think he is a sure winner. I don’t have buyer’s remorse, but I’m nervous, especially on the social issues. Also, I am writing across the way from Sean Hannity, currently interviewing General Tommy Franks, author, according to Sean “of one of the greatest books I have ever read.” [I guess he never read “Bonjour Tristesse.-ed.] We’re in the land of hyperbole here.

But every time I get the slightest bit worried about Bush, I know as long as things like this are going on in the subway (Moscow again), I sure don’t want Kerry in the White House. And they don’t look as if they are about to stop.