Roger L. Simon

Over a Quarter Million Visitors to this Site in July

Blog stats for July:

Visitors: 256,404 – Hits: 8,837,966 – Total countries: 108

All new highs except countries (down from 110). Top ten countries visiting other than US in order are: Canada, UK, Australia, France, Netherlands, Israel, Japan, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand. This has been pretty consistent.

One of my favorite countries, where I once lived, Spain, was way down the list at twenty-five. Can’t they take criticism? [You can’t either.-ed. Okay.] Speaking of which, read this report from Barcepundit of rising tensions between Spain and the UK.

One hit this month from Venezuela. (Does Chavez surf?) Three hundred and twenty-seven from Saudi Arabia. Three from Syria.

For growth comparison, total visitors in September 2003 were 54,263.