Roger L. Simon

For Once I Agree with Dan Rather

This convention is so boring I’d rather go to the dentist. (Okay, Dan didn’t actually say that, but he came close). This “centrist” Democratic Party makes you miss Howard Dean. At least he had convictions of some sort – it was never quite clear what.

Barak Obama, supposed to be the Dems great hope, seemed like another Clinton clone to me, zig-zagging his way through a litany of clichés, though I suppose with more style than most. But when he mouthed that canard about keeping federal agents out of our libraries, my eyes rolled back into my head and did a flip-flop. Has any known person actually seen this happen? Do we know of any cases of this? It kind of reminds me of Western movies, which by now, laid end to end, would reach somewhere north of Alpha Centauri when the actual Wild West lasted about ten years with scarcely more than a week or two of gunfights all added up. Quel horreur! I know. We’re supposedly on a slippery-slope to a police state. But get serious. Have any of these people actually lived in a real police state?

But that doesn’t stop anyone from opining at the Great American Convention — epicenter of the factually-meaningless. Is there any reason we should be watching this? Is there any reason I should be? Can anyone tell me a single thing of significance they have learned? Can you imgine how much more productive it would be if we all spent the time studying Mandarin?