The Next Target of Leftists: Talk Radio

Leftists love to talk about “diversity.” What they prefer to practice, however, is strict intellectual and moral conformity.  That is, they are all for diversity, especially for enforcing diversity, when its a question of assuring that their agenda is being carried out. But for anyone who wishes to introduce a competing point of view, the advice is akin to that advocated by Wittgenstein at the end of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus: “Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss  man schweigen” — “That about which we cannot speak we must remain silent.”

Wittgenstein sought to exclude the whole realm of ethics and metaphysics from the kingdom of speech; our politically correct leftists wish to exclude anything that doesn’t conform to their political agenda. Both ambitions are preposterous, but leftists never seem to recognize this. (We don’t have Wittgenstein’s opinion on political correctness, but it only took him a few years to reject the teachings of “the author of the Tractatus”). Usage note: attentive readers will register the fact that I say “leftists,” not “liberals.” Conservatives, I know, often speak about the depredations and bad behavior of “liberals.” But it has been a long time since the people whom we have called liberals were interested in freedom or liberty. What they are interested in, on the contrary, is pursuing the illiberal agenda of control.

This is a large and melancholy subject.  For the moment, I want to instance the growing attack on one of the most fecund sources of genuine diversity opinion, talk radio.  Leftists hate talk radio. Why? Because it represents an independent source of opinion, a source, moreover, that is at once extremely popular and (from the perspective of the leftists) politically heterodox.