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Celebrating Anthony Daniels

Readers of The New Criterion, City Journal, The Spectator — to name just a few of his literary outlets — will be well acquainted with the work of Dr. Anthony Daniels, aka “Theodore Dalrymple.” I have described him as the Edmund Burke of our day, as wise as he is prolific. I am delighted to see that Standpoint magazine has devoted one of their “Underrated” columns to celebrating this beneficent, entertaining, and admonitory force for sanity, rightly described by Standpoint‘s Jonathan Foreman as “one of Britain’s most incisive, courageous, knowledgeable and clear-eyed public intellectuals. . . . arguably, our greatest living essayist.” If you don’t know Standpoint you should: In just a few years it has established itself as it is England’s best cultural-political journal. And the monthly “Overrated” and “Underrated” columns are always entertaining and informative. Take a look.