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What’s wrong with this picture? Israeli edition (Also file under: “What would you have done?”)

OK, what’s wrong with the picture conjured up by these headlines?

U.N. Security Council Condemns ‘Acts’ in Israeli Raid

Israel faces int’l fury over flotilla

I know, I know: the phrases “U.N. Security Council condemns” and “Israel” go together like ham and eggs, tea and crumpets, Arab politics and mendacity.

But, really, why should Israel face “international fury” for . . .  for what? For acting in self-defense.  For that is what happened with that risibly described “aid flotilla,” you know. (“Aid? What aid?” you ask, and it is a good question.)

Those six ships set sail from Turkey to breach the Gaza blockade for one reason and one reason only: to provoke violence.

Nine “civilians” (in Palestinian: “activists,” to the rest of the world, that’s “terrorists”) are dead, shot or otherwise dispatched by Israeli forces. Why? This clip shows why:

One news account of the incident noted that “Israeli ambassadors around the world were called by their host governments to explain the incident.” This being a full-service column, I can save those ambassadors the labor. Here’s the explanation, in brief:

  1. Israel (and Egypt) decided some time ago to blockade the Gaza Strip because the Palestinians could not break their unfortunate habit of launching rocket attacks against Israel.
  2. On May 31, the six-ship “freedom flotilla” approaches the Gaza blockade. The Israeli Navy repeatedly warns the ships to turn back or divert to the port of Ashod where their cargo can be inspected.
  3. Those commanding the ships ignore the order.
  4. After further warnings, Israeli commandos board the ships from helicopters. The commandos are instantly set upon by Palestinian “peace activists” who beat them with metal clubs and other objects.
  5. The Israelis, in self-defense, shoot several of those threatening them.
  6. The firefight being over, the Israelis arrest nearly 600 “peace activists” who refuse to identify themselves.

My late colleague Samuel Lipman often quoted the wry zoological observation: “It is such a strange animal. When attacked, it defends itself.”

I think Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli armed forces displayed exemplary restraint in their handling of this latest act of aggression on the part of the Palestinians.  They would have been justified in blowing the ships out of the water.  Why?  Take a look at some of the “humanitarian aid” that was discovered onboard the ships:

It will be interesting to see how this latest Palestinian outrage plays out on the world stage. Will bien-pensant politicians once again “condemn Israel” because it had the fortitude to defend itself against a group that has spent the last 50 years wallowing in resentment, violence, and ineptitude? Or will they finally wake up to what is really going on in the Middle East?  Power Line’s superb coverage of the event should help them make up their minds. (And see this update here.)

Power Line also has this round up of Palestinian peace activities around the world. Don’t miss it.