Write the LA Times. The public has a right to know!

A commentator on an earlier post writes to suggest that readers contact the Los Angles Times to demand that they release the video tape of a 2003 gala in which Barack Obama is said to have praised Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said’s successor at Columbia University’s program Middle Eastern Studies and a former spokesman for the Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat. For the background to the story, see Andy McCarthy’s summary at NRO and Gateway Pundit here.


Here ‘s the letter my correspondent suggested. Vary at will. The aim is to embarrass the LA Times into releasing the material they are suppressing.

To the Editor ([email protected]):

I’m writing to request you release the tape of Senator Obama speaking with (or about) Professor Rashid Khalidi.

While partisans will no doubt bicker over the significance of the tape’s meaning, the tape itself holds material of direct importance to the public.

It is in the public’s interest to have all available materials on a given candidate. Indeed, the well-being of civil society depends on the free exchange of information.

Please release this tape so we may have direct access to its contents and may evaluate it solely on its own merits.

Thank you for your kind attention to these vital matters.




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